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About Beth Bright
Acupuncturist serving Lakewood, Golden, Wheat Ridge, and Denver, Colorado 

  • I have a been a student of Oriental Medicine most of my life, formally beginning when I moved to Tokyo, Japan training at Kimura Shiatsu Institute.
  • After apprenticing in Japan for two years, I returned to Seattle, Washington and studied at Bastyr University for three more years earning an M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine (the highest level of training in the U.S. at that time).
  • Later, I interned at two different hospitals in Shanghai, China.
  • I mainly practice The Balance Method, taught by Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan, holding a silver level certificate. I'm also certified as a Ba Zi consultant through Dr. Tan, for Chinese Astrological Timing and Feng Shui environmental evaluation .
  • I hold a Level 3 teaching certification in Zheneng Wisdom Healing Qi Gong through Master Mingtong Gu. I'm also a certified MingJue Consciousness teacher through Teacher Wei and an Organizer for the World Consciousness Community.
  • Heart Centered Meditation has greatly influenced my professional methods, and I teach it at my clinic, open to anyone who is interested.

Prior to working in Chinese Medicine, my background was in Exercise Physiology and Psychology of Sport (M.S., University of Oregon) and Philosophy (B.A., Whitman College).  After working in cardiac rehabilitation and sports medicine, I felt that the Oriental perception of health and healing suited me better, so I went in that direction. 

I feel comfortable with both Western medicine and Eastern medicine as complements, which are mutually supportive.  After all, we are the same people with the same physiology, whether perceived through a material western model or an energetic eastern model.  Both work, and both have strengths and weaknesses, but I love working with the deep, and powerful world of energy!

I live in Colorado with my husband, children, cat, and dog (who thinks he is our child). I enjoy hiking, skiing, traveling, bike riding, gardening, writing, reading, practicing (and teaching) meditation and qi gong, and my professional practice!

Please call me at 303-445-1114. I'd be happy to assist you with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for your health and well-being.

Beth Bright, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Golden, Lakewood

Beth Bright, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., M.S.
Rocky Mountain Acupuncture
303-445-1114 3000 Youngfield St. Suite 157, Wheat Ridge, CO 80215

Author of Embody Eating -- Recipes, Chinese Medicine, and Beyond available on Amazon

About Beth Bright -

"Embody Eating" isn’t just a cookbook, it’s an exploration of energy, food, health, and happiness. Through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including meditation and qigong, esteemed TCM practitioner Beth Bright weaves together centuries-old wisdom with everyday Western ingredients, offering readers a guide to understanding the energetic properties of food and it’s impact on the body’s Qi.