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BAZI is an ancient Chinese study of the influence of timing, environment, and relationships in each person's life. Literally, "BAZI" treanslates into "Eight Characters", which show up in the BaZi natal chart. According to the year, month, day and hour of a person's birth, the BaZi chart is laid out in four "pillars". Each pillar is composed of two characters, the "heavenly stem" and the "earthly branch". The pillars, stems, and branches, are composed of combinations of the five elements. The five elements represent phases of energy and certain characteristics that allow insight into a person and their life. The five elements are water, which represents wisdom; wood which represents benevolence; fire which represents passion; earth which represents trustworthiness; and metal which represents justice and righteousness. The five elements interact and transform in particular ways, resulting in the ten "stars" that influence our life. We are able to map this out in an individual's life progression of 10 year cycles (and also annual cycles, daily, and even hourly cycle progressions). BaZi is an incredibly intricate and accurate system for answering questions like: who are you? what will your life journey bring? who and what matters to you? what kind of environment supports you? what kind of career and relationship suits you? when is the best time to make certain moves in life? Timing, relationships and environment, known as the Three Treasures, are the main influences in life and the focus of BaZi.  

While largely unknown at this time in America and the Western world, BaZi has existed for thousands of years in China. It has been used by educated people in Chinese society, from emperors and government officials, to Taoist priests, to match makers for finding the most compatible marriage partners. It is used for the most accurate and personal feng shui analysis, which may be very helpful in health care practices, as well as business. BaZi has given me a perspective on life and healing process like nothing else I have ever studied. It is my humble opinion that after meditation and personal spiritual development, the next most important impact on understanding and guiding a happy life is BaZi.  

I was drawn to study BaZi for the purpose of more deeply understanding healing and feng shui. Dr. Richard Tan, my mentor, taught that BaZi can be very helpful for people who are looking for deeper personal develpoment and healing. At various times in life, different challenges, influences, and events visit each of us. We each have our individual life "curriculum" that we may deeply engage in, or not. The opportunity is always present for us to develop ourselves, our awareness, our engagement in our life. Challenges in human life are universal, as are opportunites for growth and happiness. Understanding our own BAZI enables a deeper appreciation for our own personal strengths and abilites, which attributes we 've come into this life to develop and utilize, as well as the appreciation of the cycles of life and how to utilize the energies that influence us for the best benefit. Proper advice may be offered as to how to proceed through the phases of life, including health influences, feng shui (environment), relationships, money, education, talents, and career.


With the recent passing of dear Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan, I dedicate my continued study and practice of BaZi to him and his wise, fun, and always present respect and love for life and patients!

If you would like to have a personal BaZi consultation, please contact Beth Bright at 303-445-1114.

Beth Bright,, BaZi Consultant, accredited by Grand Master Richard Teh Fu Tan, Feb. 2015

Beth Bright, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., M.S.
Rocky Mountain Acupuncture
303-445-1114 3000 Youngfield St. Suite 157, Wheat Ridge, CO 80215

Author of Embody Eating -- Recipes, Chinese Medicine, and Beyond available on Amazon

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"Embody Eating" isn’t just a cookbook, it’s an exploration of energy, food, health, and happiness. Through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including meditation and qigong, esteemed TCM practitioner Beth Bright weaves together centuries-old wisdom with everyday Western ingredients, offering readers a guide to understanding the energetic properties of food and it’s impact on the body’s Qi.