I was drawn to study BaZi for the purpose of more deeply exploring healing and feng shui. Dr. Tan, my mentor, taught that BaZi can be very helpful in understanding and guiding the small fraction of patients who just don't seem to improve, no matter how hard they try. It is possible that people are facing a time in their life when it is very difficult for them to make changes. This may be an elemental influence that is part of a person's life course, and may be percieved through understanding their BaZi. Once the structure of the timing is known, then proper advice may be offered as to how to proceed through the current phase of life, including health influences, feng shui, relationships, money, education, talents, and career.

The BaZi is laid out according to four "pillars" that are the pillar of the year of birth, the month, day and hour of birth. The pillars are further understood as having "heavenly stems" and "earthly branches". The meaning of stems and branches is how we explain the influences of both heaven and earth, the visible manifestations of events in our lives that happen to us, and the thinking and emphasis of what is important to us at various times in our life course. We look at the elements present within these pillars, branches and stems, and how they interact among themselves, some elements influencing and transforming others. We can observe the same influences and transformations of the elements within nature, with seasonal changes, biochemical changes, and interelational influences among animals and plants, even weather patterns and environment, as well as with our own health. The 5 elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood form the basis for "chemical" transformations of the 10 influences, also known as "stars". We are able to chart out these branches and stems in a life progression of cycles of every 10 years, (and also year by year, daily and even hourly progressions). BaZi is an incredibly intricate and accurate system for looking at timing, relationships and environmental impact on our lives! These three influences are named the 3 Treasures, and BaZi comprises their interrelationships.  

While largely unknown at this time in America and the Western world, BaZi has existed for thousands of years in China. It has been used by educated people in Chinese culture, from emperors and government officials, to Taoist and Buddhist priests, to match makers for finding the most compatible marriage partners. It is used for the most accurate feng shui analysis, which may be helpful in health care practices. BaZi has given me a perspective on life and healing process like nothing else I have ever studied. It is my humble opinion that after meditation and personal spiritual development, the next most important impact on understanding and guiding a happy life is BaZi.  

With the recent passing of dear Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan, I dedicate my continued study and practice of BaZi to him and his wise, fun, and always present respect and love for life and patients!

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Beth Bright,, BaZi Consultant, accredited by Grand Master Richard Teh Fu Tan, Feb. 2015

Beth Bright, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., M.S.
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