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Qi Gong
Lakewood, Golden, and Denver, Colorado

One way to understand health is from an energetic perspective. A healthy person is one whose physical, emotional, and spiritual energy systems are smoothly circulating throughout the entire body. This means that every part of us, including all organs, bones, tissues, feelings, perceptions, thoughts, and our human spirit, is available for supporting us and functioning freely in a balanced manner. No one part of us is left out, or walled off, nor excessive or over controlling. I practice and teach Zheneng Wisdom Healing Qi Gong, a medical qi gong practice. We practice physical movements, as well as sound, and visualizations, to free up tight, constricted and/or over active energy inside, as well as nourish depleted internal energy, in order to allow balanced, healing energy to flow throughout the entire body. This results in physical healing, emotional stability, activation of more life energy, as well as increased happiness and sense of well being. This is an experiential practice, we learn how to live in our own body! It requires only a willingness to learn about healing ourselves naturally, from the inside-out. Qi Gong can be practiced by any age person at any level of health.  

Qi Gong is not like taking another pill in order to relieve discomfort. Through dedicated practice it can shift our experience of ourselves, and our deep understanding about how to live our life, as well as heal disease, create emotional stability, and activate more life energy. When all dimensions of our energy - physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions - are integrated, we can experience within ourselves a greater sense of well being and happiness.  Like meditation, qi gong is a life practice and commitment, that can create deep and lasting results. 

“Where there is pain, there is stagnation” is an old saying in Chinese medicine.  This is true on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Medical qi gong movements have been developed for thousands of years in China for the purpose of healing and personal development. There are entire hospitals, and wards within hospitals, in China, dedicated to teaching patients qi gong, with remarkably successful results! Qi gong may be practiced for your own healing, and once you have learned the movements and sounds, you will always have a method where you can help yourself. Helping ourselves to experience our own energy and relax is the basis of many of these movements, taught specifically for individual needs. I also teach group qi gong workshops.

I have practiced qi gong for many years with several different teachers, beginning as an intern at a hospital in Shanghai. The past many years I have been guided by Master Mingtong Gu at the Chi Center, which is located near Santa Fe, New Mexico, obtaining Level 3 Teacher certification as well as a Healing Practitioner teacher. 

If you are interested in exploring the many healing possibilities through Qi Gong, please call Beth Bright at 303-445-1114.

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Beth Bright, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., M.S.
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